Welcome to the evolving story of BOB.

Welcome to the evolving story of BOB. An entity that is being channeled by an unlikely and surprised source: me! The first thing you should know is that BOB is quite a character! To be more precise, 'they' are quite the characters. You see BOB is not an individual; they are a collection of conscious entities that are connected and aligned; who share one voice (at least so far!). They can be funny, deep, irreverent, playful and sweet. Sometimes, all of these at the same time! This is all new to me, as I have only recently begun to channel BOB vocally... Yet I have felt their presence for a long time. Some people speak of their guides or being aware of the angels or unseens that surround them. For me, BOB has almost always felt more like part of my own intuition. So to discover that I can focus and connect with them in this unique way and give them voice is very compelling and fun. Hence the decision to write about and share this experience! If you are a channel and your experience is different (or similar!), I would love for you to add your comments and perspective. I believe this process may be different for most of us, as we all come to channeling with a different set of tools and skills. Your insights will make this sight richer. Add your voice! If you are someone who is interested in channeling, please join me on this journey and let me know your thoughts and questions! With great Joy - Charles